I give you this ring as a token of our love and marriage, as a symbol of all that we share and in recognition of our life together. Wedding ceremonies across the world are a wonderful celebration of two people joining together and committing to each other. The exchanging of rings is a significant moment as couples exchange vows and promises. Although not legally required vows are often traditional and play a significant part in the wedding ceremony.

Romantic Bridal Glamour

Why a couture dress is vital for some of the most discerning international clients.

“Because you are guaranteed a perfect fit, to look and feel like a princess with a wedding gown designed, handcrafted and created especially for you.”

Working with international clients

From royal weddings to high society full weekend celebrations, London has seen a rise in stylish marriages, and when you consider the array of stunning wedding venues we understand why.

Celebrating the history, culture and diversity

Daring to be different, creating a sense of theatre mixing fashion with tradition is our thing.

Ramp up the style, create an after party vibe and party like it’s 1999.

High glamour

Gather your bride tribe and discuss some of the hottest makeup looks. Winged lashes, pouting lips and dewy skin. Up do’s, relaxed curls and natural hair styling. Agree on timings, and an overall look and feel that makes everyone feel like a million dollar girl.

Creating history

For professional advice on bespoke jewellery, and personal wedding vows speak to our experienced team. Be original, completely irresistibly and uniquely you.

Personal elements to treasure forever

Heirloom is the watchword when choosing beautiful jewellery to treasure forever? And we know you agree, shoes really are the ultimate design detail for every sassy bride & groom.

Haute couture

When couture design, grooming and exquisite attention to detail is a man thing!

It’s all about the guys

Sharp suits, relaxed tailoring, and an eye for details. When grooms have their own thing going on and know exactly how their wedding day will rock.

How will we tell your love story

Each wedding is a reflection of the love story, and we are so excited that your planning journey brought you here where wedding cakes and fabulous florals rule.

Wedding shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”—Marilyn Monroe

What’s hotter than a killer pair of wedding heels? Maybe two pairs, for when you hit the dance floor later!

Wedding flowers

Because buttonholes in suits are not really for your modern day flowers. Traditionally men have worn their buttonhole on the left lapel and ladies on the right, more recently we have seen buttonholes and corsages worn on either side.

Think pink

Inspired backdrops, cocktails, pink glassware, tableware and the most incredible pink wedding gowns; you really can introduce shades of blush into your day.

It’s been around for a while and has influenced the styling and design in many modern weddings, but who can resist a nod to millennial pink …

Every wedding carefully considered

When you’ve carefully considered every element of your wedding day, it makes sense to select luxury makeup products that suit your skin and style. Take expert advice from our trusted professional makeup artists, and ensure you have the very best secret weapons.

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